Associate Members


This class of membership is opened to regional and international public agencies, private companies, non-governmental organizations and civil society organizations with an interest in  water utility organizations operations.

To qualify for such membership, the agency, company or organization must be a supplier of product or services to water utility or a collaborating institution participating in an initiative to improve water and sewerage services in the region.

Membership Fee:

Associate Members will pay an annual subscription of US$500.00 or such other fees as may be determined by the Board of Directors of CAWASA from time to time. This fee does not cover the cost of participation in CAWASA sponsored activities such as training, conferences and studies.

Membership Benefits:

Members falling in this class will be entitled to the following:

  • Free access to the CAWASA website and major publications;
  • Opportunities to use the Resource Library to conduct research on water sector issues;
  • Access to comparative data on water rates compiled in regional tariff survey reports;
  • Information on products and services offered by the CAWASA Secretariat to members;
  • Limited access to CAWASA databases on regional water sector partners;
  • Updates on technological developments and special events in the water sector.
  • Non-voting rights at the Annual Meeting of Members through the designated representative;
  • Right to nominate a representative on the Board of Directors of the CAWASA;
  • Opportunities to participate in and share in the finding of member activities and studies;
  • Opportunities to collaborate with member utilities on promoting products and services;
  • Access to books, reports and legal instruments on the water sector in the Resource Library;
  • Copies of quarterly newsletters, annual reports and other publications of by the Secretariat;
  • Contribution to CAWASA training to improve the human resource base of member utilities;
  • Opportunities to network with utility officials in CAWASA sponsored conferences;
  • Discounts on conference registration fees, advertising fees and booth rental rates;
  • Priority to sponsor and make conference presentations and advertise in publications;
  • Opportunity to make joint presentations with professionals from member utilities;
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