Certification Programme

Certification Procedures

Steps involved in achieving ABC/CBWMP certification through Examination are as follows:

  • Apply for the class level for which you qualify;
  • Ensure that you meet the education and experience requirements;
  • Indicate the category in which you are seeking certification;
  • Complete the Certification Application Form and obtain the relevant documents;
  • Submit the Application Form along with the fee  and the documents to the Secretariat;   
  • Examinations certification must be pursued in sequential order, (i.e. from Class I to Class IV);
  • Start at Class I (lowest level) examination and pass it with a score of 70% and above;
  • Take the Class II examination and pass it;
  • Take the Class III examination and pass it;
  • Meet the education and experience requirements;

Certificates will be issued on the successful completion of each level examination

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