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This class of membership is opened to all water utilities operating within the Caribbean. To qualify for membership, a water utility may be a Department of Government, a statutory authority and public or private company providing water and sewerage services in the region.

Membership Fee:

Annual Quota rates approved by the Board of Directors of CAWASA from time to time

Membership Benefits:

Members falling in this class will be entitled to the following:

  • Free access to the CAWASA website, Secretariat databases and major publications;
  • Access to the Resource Library for research on water sector legislation, regulations and policies;
  • Free access to technical and operational data compiled in regional survey reports;
  • Information on products and services offered by the CAWASA Secretariat to members;
  • Access to CAWASA databases on members, government agencies, suppliers and other sector partners;
  • Updates on technological developments and special events in the water sector;
  • Full voting rights at the Annual Meeting of Members;
  • Representation on the Board of Directors of the CAWASA;
  • Opportunities to participate in and share in the findings of regional benchmarking studies;
  • Opportunities to collaborate with other water utilities to promote and market services;
  • Copies of quarterly newsletters, annual reports and other publications of by the Secretariat;
  • Participation in CAWASA training to improve the human resource base of member utilities;
  • Participation in CAWASA sponsored conferences aimed at creating networking opportunities.
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