Certification Programme

Certification Programme

CAWASA Water Operators/Analysts Certification & Utility Classification Programme

On 26th September 2003, the Association of Boards of Certification (ABC), signed a Testing Service Agreement with Caribbean Basin Water Management Programme (CBWMP) Inc., now the Caribbean Water & Sewerage Association Inc (CAWASA), to provide the ABC Testing Service in the Caribbean. The Agreement provides for the CAWASA Inc. Secretariat to administer a regional programme involving classification of water utilities and certification of Operators/Analysts.

Programme Management
Both CAWASA and ABC Inc are expected to work closely together to ensure successful administration of the Agreement.

Institutional support for the implementation of the programme is provided by the Certification Board of CAWASA Inc, the Secretariat and the member utilities.

Certification Requirements
The education and experience requirements for operators and laboratory analysts are assessed under the same seven (7) categories as the utilities. The requirements for certification are outlined in Appendix I below. Depending on the level of qualifications of the operator/analyst he/she is placed into Class I, II,III or IV. In the case of a very small water system the requirements are identified separately.

Examination Role of Operators/Analysts:
Pre-examination Role

  • Take an interest in your professional development and in the certification programme;
  • Participate in training and other scheduled activities in preparation for the examination;
  • Obtain all text books and study material recommended for examination preparation;
  • Utilize all training facilities made available by the utility in support of examination preparation;
  • Register and sit the examination in accordance with instructions provided by the Secretariat;

Post Examination Role

  • Register for remedial training if unsuccessful in the examinations;
  • Continue professional development after receiving certification;
  • Participate in professional development activities for 2.4 “CEUs” over the two years;
  • Submit a completed renewal application form along with the renewal fee and relevant documentation no later than six (6) months before the expiry date of the certificate.

Examination Role of Member Utilities
Each member utility is expected to prepare the Operators/Analysts for the examinations by providing in-house training or engaging independent instructors to conduct the training at their own expense. They are also expected to provide library facilities, access to computer facilities, text books and other relevant materials and access to the training room.
The utilities are also expected to introduce policies that will encourage employees to participate in the programme as well as to recognize those who successfully complete the examinations. They are also expected to facilitate remedial training in areas where the candidates are weak.

Pre-examination Role:

  • Identify a proctor to invigilate the examinations and seek endorsement from the Secretariat;
  • Ensure that the person selected signs the Proctor Agreement and that the Agreement is notarized;
  • Forward the signed and notarized copy of the Agreement to the Secretariat. 

Post-examination Role:
Immediately following the administration of the examination, the proctor conducts an inventory to account for all test books.  The proctor is required to package the test books, answer sheets and all unused administration material and return them sealed to the HR Manager of the utility for dispatching to the Secretariat by courier.

Examination Performance
All Operators/Analysts who successfully complete examinations will be issued with certificates for the category and class qualified. Those who fail will be allowed to re-sit the examination on payment of the prescribed fees.

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